Peru 2012

Brandon and I fast tracked through Peru, only spending a little over a week in the country.  We sped through because we had already visited Peru in 2012 and spent 2 weeks exploring.  Here are a few highlights from our trip in 2012.

Paragliding in the Sacred Valley by Cuzco

Lake view

Brandon before take off

Brandon in the air

Erin Paragliding


View from the top

Hiking the Incan Trail to Machu Picchu

Incan Trail

Highest Point in the Trail


Brandon by River

Ruins along trail

Sun Gate

Machu Picchu

Visiting Lake Titicaca

Island on Lake Titicaca

B&E at Lake Titicaca

Floating Island

Brandon and Alpaca

Eating Cuy (Guinea Pig) for Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Dinner