A month in Buenos Aires

Since we wanted to stay in BA for a month, we rented an apartment on Airbnb. We picked one in the neighborhood of Palermo, close to Plaza Italia, which is a big transportation hub in the neighborhood. We were close to the huge stretch of parks in the city.

IMG_0975 IMG_0980 IMG_0978

We celebrated both Christmas and New Year’s in BA. Christmas was a pretty low key affair with a mimosa brunch, a walk, some movies and more bubbly with dinner.


New Year’s Eve in BA was absolutely dead! We had expected the party city to be wild, but it wasn’t. There were only a handful of bars and restaurants open and most of them were either booked or had really expensive set menus or cover charges. Apparently most of the city empties out to the beaches in Uruguay or Mar del Plata. We found a pizza place that was open and then headed over to the planetarium where there were fireworks and a DJ.


On New Years Day, my brother and sister-in-law arrived! They were in BA for 5 days and then went down to Patagonia to hike for a few more. We had a great time on their visit and did a lot of touring around the neighborhoods. One day we did a walking tour of the downtown area and then went to Recoleta cemetery.


DSCN5654 DSCN5653 DSCN5665 DSCN5668 DSCN5667

Another day we went out to Puerto Madero, visited the ecological reserve and stopped by the San Telmo fair.

DSCN5573 DSCN5688 DSCN5693


We visited a few museums and did a wine tasting.

DSCN5717 DSCN5685

We spent one day out of the city visiting Tigre, a city 45 minutes north on a delta. We did a boat cruise around the area – it was really pretty!

DSCN5698 DSCN5706

And of course, we ate steak!

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