After spending a day busing from Banos to Guayaquil and another day busing from Guayaquil across the border into Peru, we knew that we would need a couple days to stretch our legs so we booked a few nights in Mancora, Peru.  Mancora is in the north of Peru and has about 9,000 inhabitants.  Although it is a beach and surfing destination, we didn’t go swimming because it is winter here so mostly overcast and the highs were only low 70’s.

BeachResturants by Beach

"Main street"

We stayed at a pretty bare bones “tiki” hostel at the top of the hill overlooking the town.  It had a great common area (and decent internet!) so it was a good place to relax.  I wouldn’t have wanted to spend more than 2 nights in Mancora, though.  The town just felt a little dirty and there were way too many stray dogs for my liking.  But it was nice to eat seafood on the beach and to recharge before our 20 hours bus ride to Lima!


View from the top