After we packed everything up in Cochabamba, we flew to Sucre just in time to celebrate my birthday! Quick side note on travel in Bolivia – flying is the way to do it! Buses are cheap, but flying is only a bit more and takes a fraction of the time. Buses from La Paz to Cochabamba and then Cochabamba to Sucre take 7-10 hours each, but flights are 30 minutes and cost $30-$40. We decided to forgo the 7-hour bus ride to Sucre for a $30 – 30 minute flight instead 🙂

Anyway, Sucre is a really nice, cool looking city. It is nicknamed “the white city” because all the downtown buildings are white.

Sucre Streets

White Church

White Street

It was much smaller than I had expected it to be – it only has a population of around 300,000 and when Brandon and I set off to explore the downtown area, we’d pretty much seen it all in an hour, including some really nice parks.



Park in Sucre

Bolivia loves parades and there were several of them both days we were there – midday and evening!

Day Parade

Night Parade

On my actual birthday, Brandon surprised me with some chocolate cake for breakfast and when we got going, we walked up to a square that overlooked the city and had a leisurely lunch with a nice view.

Brandon on Top!

View from lunch

On the way back we stopped at a chocolate shop that I had heard good things about to pick up more treats.

Para Ti

For dinner we went to a French restaurant called La Taverne where we splurged on our most expensive meal yet in South America. We had wine, shared a shrimp starter, ate steak for our main and then split tiramisu for dessert – all for $40!

Birthday Dinner